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What Made The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022

By 22 December 2022January 7th, 2023No Comments

2022 is over and what a year it has been for web design and marketing! There have been countless innovations, endless feats of creativity and many clever industry aspects. But what have we learnt from 2022 and these achievements? We’ve had a look at some of the best marketing campaigns of 2022 and collected some thoughts on what we think made them so impressive. 


It’s undeniable that all of the best marketing campaigns of 2022 are full of creativity. However we don’t just mean creativity in terms of outstanding Hollywood level visuals or viral storytelling campaigns. We mean creativity in terms of the thought behind the campaign and how it connects to its audience. Clever ways to engage users that makes them think and remember the campaign is the most important creative of any piece of marketing. So in the future, really think about your goals and intentions behind your new campaigns. Then work backwards from there. What is the best way to represent your business and the story it is trying to tell? How can you capture the user’s attention? And most importantly, how can you make this memorable? 


Some of the best marketing campaigns of 2022 made us feel emotional. Whether it was happiness, sadness, anger or empathy. They made us feel and they made us feel hard. For some businesses it may seem impossible to bring about emotion from a marketing campaign. But we want to tell you that no matter what your business is, it should be able to evoke some type of feeling. It doesn’t have to be such strong emotions like anger or sadness. Many really effective digital marketing campaigns inspire, delight or even make people feel relaxed. First of all, think about your business and what kind of emotions you would associate with it. Then add this to the list of ideas when you come to making your own marketing campaign.


Action is the most important thing when it comes to what makes the best marketing campaigns of 2022. After all, what’s the point in a marketing campaign if it inspired zero action after users saw it. When we talk about actions we don’t just mean sales. Whilst sales can be a good measure of a marketing campaign, it is not the only one. Did people talk about it to their friends or colleagues after seeing it? Did they maybe bookmark it for later? Did they find it interesting enough to share it online? And the big one – did they remember it? These actions are all just as important as your sales because unlike sales, these actions get your business in front of people you may not have usually reached. Additionally, if you can create a memorable campaign – it will stick in the user’s mind for a while, make them more familiar with your business and subsequently think about your business more often. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about what made the best marketing campaigns of 2022. Let’s take some of these ideas into 2023 to boost our businesses even more. In the meantime, if you need more assistance with any online projects, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Until then, happy marketing!