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What Is The Best PPC Platform For Your SME?

By 13 March 2022March 29th, 2022No Comments

PPC ads or pay-per-click ads have been the preferred method of advertising for many digital marketers for decades. Not only are PPC ads cheaper than published advertisements, you can also measure your ROI almost instantly. Whereas with more traditional advertising it’s almost impossible to determine what you get out of it. With PPC there is no guesswork. Just log into your preferred PPC platform and see how your campaigns are doing right there and then. In recent years, PPC has grown to be even more versatile and accessible. But what is the best PPC platform for your SME and how can you ensure you get the best for your budget?  


Search engine advertising 

We’re all familiar with the search engine ads that appear at the top of the page when we type something into Google. It doesn’t just have to be Google though – search engines like Bing and Yandex also offer their own PPC networks. However no matter what channel they’re on search engine ads are the bread and butter of PPC. And with Google AdWords being the most popular and one of the oldest PPC platforms to date we can see why. Google AdWords is the perfect PPC platform for any SME. It’s easy to learn, caters to almost every industry you could think of and can be worked to strict budgets. However, like any PPC platform – search engine ads are only as good as the ads put inside them. We suggest carefully researching the types of keywords you want to rank for with Google’s keyword planner. This is important because different industries usually have different price tags when it comes to PPC ads. For instance, search keywords within the healthcare industry are usually far more expensive than keywords within the agriculture industry. Therefore if you want to get the most out of your budget you need to be focusing on a select few keywords that are within your budget and are easier for you to rank highly for.


Social media advertising 

For quite some time social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been offering PPC. Social media is a great place to put ads and reach users who are not directly searching for you but are already engaging with businesses similar to yours. Social media PPC ads typically work out slightly cheaper per click than search engine ads too. However, before you even start to entertain the idea of using social media ads you need to determine which social media network would work best for your audience. Then you need to focus on that network. Similarly to general social media marketing, social media PPC only works for SMEs who are sharing valuable content. Therefore, if you’re having a hard time gaining any traction on social media organically you perhaps need to rethink your strategy before tackling PPC. Social media isn’t normally about a hard sell or conversion. It’s about building brand recognition and trust. So if you’re looking for fast sales, this probably isn’t the PPC platform for you.   


Shop and marketplace advertising

Marketplace advertising is solely for ecommerce businesses who have websites where you can purchase products straight away. However you don’t always have to have your own website in order to do this – you could just be an Amazon, Ebay or Etsy seller. Some of the biggest PPC shopping platforms are Google Shopping, Instagram and Amazon. Of course you have to have an account with each in order to run PPC ads. But we recommend just sticking with one or two to start. Marketplace advertising is great if you want to drive quick sales because as soon as the user clicks your ad they should be on a page where they can instantly add items to their cart. Or you can even set up ads for individual items that when clicked are instantly added to their shopping carts on your website. If your SME is quite aesthetic and already has a decent following we’d suggest starting on Instagram. You can set up ads to look like normal posts or stories in user’s feeds and add shoppable tags to them. Marketplace PPC channels can often vary in price ranges, so it’s also worth investigating the cost of each further and see which best suits your planned budget. 


We hope you now have a clearer idea as to where you want to take your online advertsing. But more importantly you now know what the best PPC platform for your SME is. If you need any further assistance concerning website or online marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us right here on our website. Until then, happy marketing!