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What Is A Brand Kit And Why Is It Important For Your SME?

By 18 November 2021November 28th, 2021No Comments

Branding is everything when it comes to representing your business. However what is even more important than branding is consistent branding. Consistent branding really sets your SME apart from the rest of the competition. It makes your brand appear stronger and sets a standard for the rest your marketing material. In order to execute consistent branding time and time again it is ideal to have a complete brand kit. But what exactly is an brand kit and why is it important for your SME?


One of the most basic things you might find in a brand kit is a selection of colours and fonts that are synonymous with your SME. Whilst you may think that aesthetics are trivial and not so important when it comes to running your business – they are actually very important when it comes to marketing it. Including aesthetics in your brand kit is essential. Not only will they serve as great references when creating any kind of marketing material, they will also become the face of your brand. Think about your businesses’ ethos and then select colours and fonts that correlate with these. For example if you want your brand to appear traditional and serious, perhaps think about using serif fonts and colours like navy blue. On the other hand if you want your SME to appear more playful and fun think about colours like coral and using san-serif type fonts.

Mood Boards

Mood boards are usually used to document inspiration and create aesthetics we want to achieve. In a brand kit, it is always useful to dedicate a page or two to them, especially if you’re going to be referencing it often. To start a mood board think about what you want to achieve with the aesthetics of your SME. Do you want people to feel relaxed, excited or inspired when they see your business? We suggest using one of these feelings as a prompt and create your board around that. Attach photos, colours, illustrations, fonts – whatever reminds you of this feeling. Try to do this with two to three more prompts so that you have a variety of mood boards. Having a selection of mood boards will help you when referencing styles you want to portray in your SME’s marketing later on.

Logos and Taglines

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to add to your brand kit is your logo or tagline, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Like your aesthetics, before choosing a logo or tagline you want to think carefully about how you want your SME to be represented. You should then build your logo and taglines around this. Your logo is what people will associate with your business the most so you must make sure it is something memorable, eye-catching and that serves your business and it’s services well. For example if you run a pop-up cinema, think about how you could visual represent this. Maybe you could incorporate a film reel or a movie screen some how?

We hope you’re now ready to create and use your own SME brand kit. If you need any further assistance concerning website or online marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us right here on our website. Until then, happy marketing!