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Weekly Web News Round Up (28-03 Apr)

By 1 April 2016No Comments

Another week another round-up. So much has happened this week in terms of digital marketing; Adwords are getting a redesign, Twitter upped their features and there was social media anarchy. But let’s not forget how these can all impact upon the entire web design and web development industry. The way that prime marketing channels are designed and adapted can teach us a lot about where our industry is heading. Here’s to learning!

1. Adwords redesign

web news ad words new story

One of Google’s biggest and most used marketing platforms is getting a new look. Material design is taking over Google apps and all of them have been redesigned apart from Adwords. The last time Adwords was redesigned was eight years ago when it only had approximately half of the users it has now. Additionally, it was only designed for a desktop-centric advertising world. The new design is going to utilise material design and be tailored to the mobile-crazed future which we are already in. Whilst we are not too sure what features in particular will be changed we do know that Google is aiming for a simpler and more efficient user interface. The complete redesign will be finished in 2017.

2. New Twitter features

web news twitter

Finally, Twitter have updated and opened up a platform for the visually impaired. The main adaptation Twitter made was making their images easier to access by allowing users to add descriptions. As designers, developers and digital marketers alike it is always important to consider the impact the design or functionality of social networks have on people with such impairments. Creating digital content which can be accessible to all is an important part of any business, particularly online. Alternate options for those with disabilities should always be discussed and utilised so that no one misses out on your website or other digital marketing campaigns.

3. The aftermath of Google’s mobilegeddon

web news mobilegeddon new story

We always talk about the importance of responsive design especially since a year ago when Google released mobilegeddon upon the internet. It was the search engine algorithm that forced everyone to have a responsive, or at least, a mobile-friendly site otherwise you’d suffer the plummeting rank consequences. Big business and industry leaders were frantic and positively scrambling to meet the new requirements to stay at the top. But what about smaller enterprises? Or the businesses that aren’t too clued up about SEO? Well, it turns out that most of them have taken to developing mobile sites and even specific mobile strategies. However, a huge 80% of websites are still not responsive. Have you made the switch yet?

4. Social media anarchy

web news social media new story

Remember when Twitter changed it’s timeline algorithm? Well, it looks like all the other social media platforms are following suit. This week both Instagram and Snapchat changed how their users can view each others content. Instagram, like Twitter, has ditched its chronological timeline and opted for one where an algorithm decides which posts are relevant to you. Whereas Snapchat has combined everyone’s stories you follow into one big loop instead of users being separated. So far so gruelling. Many social media users are up in arms about both of the apps changes, however, it seems the companies are going to stick to their guns. What do you think about all the new updates? Tweet us and let us know!

5. A collection of web experiments

web news web experiments new story

In the creative industry of web design and web development sometimes it is hard to find the right type of inspiration. Here at 3mil, we keep ourselves inspired by creating beautifully designed website lists of the month. However, that is not always enough. That’s why when we stumbled across this web experiments page we were extremely excited and impressed. There are an array of web-based experiments that you can interact with including moving spring like text (pictured), vector based waves, an audio based experiment and so many more. Be careful, though, you may spend too much of your day on there.

That’s it for this week’s web news round-up. Remember to stay tuned for next weeks news by coming back to our blog or by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your web design or web development projects. Also, if you have found a story or want one of your stories featured in our future weekly round-ups please tweet us or send us a message on Linkedin. Happy designing!

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