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Weekly Web News Round-Up (25-31 July)

By 29 July 2016No Comments

Is anyone else shocked that it’s the end of July already? But is there a more perfect way to end the month than with a famous 3mil web news round-up? We didn’t think so. This week a lot has happened in the web industry and you can guarantee that we’ve scooped up the best stories to deliver them straight to you.

Free resources!

web news web design resources

We haven’t included a free resources article in quite a while but when we saw this one, we realised it was too good to miss. The awesome team over on the Web Designer Depot put this free resources list together full to the brim with web design goodies. There are icon packs, texture bundles, user interface kits, website templates, business card mock-ups and even more. All of the resources are sourced from all over the web so you’re guaranteed some variety in the freebies. Our favourite has to be vector avatar generator where you can create a bunch of different avatars for you and your friends.

New Marvel logo.

web news marvel studios

Remember a few weeks ago DC comics had a re-brand? Well, guess who’s decided to follow suit, kind of. Marvel have been designing a new logo for their studio for a while now and they have finally decided to unveil it. The new logo was shown for the first time to fans at Comic Con and they seem to have a much more positive reaction to it than they did to DC’s. Marvel Studios presented their new logo in a way that replicates how it’s seen in movie trailers. Although the new logo is great and showcases all of Marvel’s most famous heroes, we can’t help but feel that they’re turning their backs on their comic book roots in pursuit of a more Hollywood identity.

Yahoo zero. Google one hundred.

web news yahoo versus google

There’s has been a lot of talk for a very long while about the demise of Yahoo. Things just seem to be going from bad to worst for the internet giant. It all started when Yahoo started to make a few bad investments then subsequently had to sell them back. However, while Yahoo was struggling Google was thriving. While both famous search engines do roughly the same thing, why has Google succeeded and Yahoo preceded to fail? A technology writer over on Forbes puts it perfectly;  Google understands the true meaning of the web. Whilst Yahoo is almost like a card catalogue of the web, Google is not just showing you what you are searching for, it shows you the best and more relevant results for you. Do you agree? Carry on the debate by tweeting us!

People still don’t understand Twitter.

web news twitter campaign

It has not been a good year for Twitter. First, there was talk of laying Twitter to rest, then it’s user’s plateaued and now the world is saying “what is Twitter?”. That’s right many people still don’t know what Twitter is or how to use it. But that’s okay because that’s why Twitter have come up with this great new marketing plan called “see what’s happening“. We don’t know about you but that still seems pretty ambiguous. Nevertheless, the new campaign is colourful, fast and fresh. It represents Twitter as more of a news platform rather than a social media one. Although many internet users state that they do get majority of their news from social media we’re still not sure whether Twitter is actually a fully-fledged news platform just yet.

2016 bi-annual design trends.

web news web design trends

It’s pretty common that even at the beginning or end of the year many people come up with a web design trends to watch article. However what about a re-cap half way through the year, to talk about some hits, misses and new up and coming trends? Sound good? Then head over to this mid-year web design trends article that explores three trends you may have missed six months ago. Tweet us to let us know what design trends are your favourite or maybe you have a completely different design trend in mind that you think is going to take the web industry by storm. Let us know by tweeting us or sending us a comment over on LinkedIn.

That’s it for this week’s web news round-up. We’ll see you back here at the same time next week for more important web news.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your web design or web development projects. Also, if you have found a story or want one of your stories featured in our future weekly round-ups please tweet us or send us a message on Linkedin. Happy designing!

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