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Weekly Web News Round-Up (21-27 Mar)

By 25 March 2016No Comments

Welcome back budding web industry enthusiasts. First and foremost happy bank holiday weekend (if you’re in the UK) and happy Friday to those of you who aren’t. This week’s web news brought us social media birthdays, internet trolls, the build-your-own website takeover and many other thought-provoking news articles. Let’s dive straight into the important bits. Geronimo!

1. Twitter turned 10!

web news twitter

Twitter celebrated its tenth birthday this week. Launching in 2006 the micro-blogging site has gone from strength to strength. However this year it showed no signs of growth and even earned the dooming hashtag #RIPTwitter when it released its new algorithm change earlier last month. The top Twitter bods are not feeling discouraged though and are looking forward to the future. Twitter’s UK MD spoke about how the social network are looking to become an interest network and a leader in live video streaming. The Marketing Week news site even did a whole article relating to Twitter and its most impactful campaigns over the last decade. The uplifting article contained tweets about #BeatCancer #NoMakeUpSelfie and, of course, the famous #IceBucketChallenge. Here’s to the future Twitter!

2. The biggest threat to WordPress…

web news wordpress trolls

Many people would think that the biggest threat to WordPress would be its competitors such as Drupal, Joomla and other CMSs. However, many experts have been saying that there has been an underlying threat to WordPress and its reputation for years and that is certain people within the WordPress community. Yes, it’s us the people who use the faithful CMS. Don’t jump to conclusions though, not all of us WordPress users are getting tarred with the same brush. Professionals have stated that quite a few trolls have taken to the WordPress forums and left scathing comments about the contributors and developers of the platform resulting in damage to the WordPress brand. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion these comments have been strictly unprofessional and not of a constructive nature. Read more about how trolling can damage online brands and help combat the hate.

3. Why web designers shouldn’t be threatened by website builders

web news website builders

We’ve all heard of the ancient old argument about web designers versus build-your-own website builders. Many web designers sneer at them, laugh at them and feel threatened by them. At 3mil, we have always believed that website builders will never be able to replace the web designer as they simply don’t have the knowledge or designer know-how of a designer. On the web designer depot they have taken this argument even further; not only should we not feel threatened by them but we should stop the sneers, laughs and frowns and instead utilise these web builders to our advantage. Just because these are tools that can do a good job of building a website does not always mean that the person wielding the tool can. It is the person and not the tool that makes a good web design.

4. Apple pay is making its way in the mobile web

web news apple pay mobile

By now most people who have heard of Apple (and who hasn’t?) have heard about Apple pay. Apple pay works just like paying through a contactless card but instead you use your iPhone or Apple watch. It is supported by majority of UK banks and is now used internationally. However, what about when you’re paying on the web through your apple device? Well, Apple are working on an app for that. By the end of 2016, users surfing the web on their iPhones will be able to pay for their purchases through the fingerprint recognition or Touch ID. This new Apple feature will first be made available through the PayPal system. To read more about how exactly the new Apple pay feature will work you can head over to the original article on ZDNet.

5. Celebrating JavaScript

web news javascript celebration

If you have any sort of web industry based job (or not!) you have almost definitely heard of JavaScript. JavaScript is a coding language, or should I say the most commonly used programming language on Earth. Yes, it is official. If you don’t believe us just read more about it here. According to the Stack Overflow annual developer survey, JavaScript is, in fact, taking over the programming world and all developers are pretty much obsessed. Almost every type of developer be they front-end, back-end or full-stack majority of them voted JavaScript as their preferred programming language. Is it yours? Tweet us to let us know or message us on LinkedIn!

That’s it for the web news this week! We’ll see you again next week for another web news round-up!

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your web design or web development projects. Also, if you have found a story or want one of your stories featured in our future weekly round-ups please tweet us or send us a message on Linkedin. Happy designing!

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