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Weekly Web News Round-Up (08-14 Feb)

By 12 February 2016No Comments

Whoa! We’re only two weeks into February and there has already been a flux of awesome web design and web development news, particularly when it comes to adobe updates. Last week, sneaky Photoshop updates were leaked and this week, two of Adobe’s applications had updates. But that’s not all that happened NASA released a beautiful graphic design project, Twitter was preparing to have its final sermons read and we stumbled upon a great logo design resource.

1. Animate CC was released. 

web news animate cc

Designers rejoice! Flash professional CC was finally replaced this week with the new Adobe application Animate CC which will be available through the creative cloud. The new application can be used for creating micro-interactions, banner ads and interactive infographics amongst other things. There are many new features to be explored including the ability to resize the stage, exporting to multiple resolutions and a new set of shiny brush tools. Of course, Adobe being Adobe, have left the interface relatively the same to keep that familiarity that we have all grown to love and rely upon. But that’s just a quick low-down. Hop on over to the web designer depot for a more in-depth review of Animate CC.

2. #RIPTwitter.

web news rip twitter

This weekend the hashtag #RIPTwitter was trending worldwide as rumours had surfaced about Twitter giving its timeline a new algorithm. All-go what? Let me explain: Twitter are planning on reshuffling your timeline so that it is not chronological anymore with the most “popular” and “relevant” tweets given priority.  Can anyone smell a marketing rat yet? Most of the online community did and were outraged that their feeds could be taken over by branded content. But have no fear fellow tweeters because the product manager of Twitter just did an interview explaining how you can actually turn that algorithm off. However, she still thinks we should give the new timeline a chance. What do you think? Tweet us and let us know!

3. New NASA posters.

web news nasa graphic design posters

NASA have just recently released some out of this world posters. The posters advertise space tourism through creative and beautiful graphic design which the whole of the internet is going crazy over. Just to note, people are not going crazy over the fact that space tourism could soon be a thing but they are going nuts over the designs. Of course, you can make up you own mind by viewing the whole collection of posters yourself. The whole collection is reminiscent of tourism posters of the 1930’s with a hint of some good old fashioned propaganda. The bold colours, geometric patterns and stellar creativity all together make a very inspiring project. We approve!

4. Bridge CC update.


It’s been a good week for Adobe not only did they release a new application but they updated one of their less talked about tools Bridge CC. For those of you that don’t know, Bridge CC is an asset management system where you can store, navigate through and import/export digital assets (mainly visuals).  The biggest changes can be seen within the user experience. Thumbnail generations and previews have been improved, importing and exporting functionalities recognise more devices and the overall user experience has been amped up to the max. Are you excited? You should be because there are tonnes of more nifty changes that the update has bought. Get ready for a more organised you.

5. The history and evolution of logo design.

web news logo design timeline

In all fairness this is a pretty nerdy one. What can we say? We’re passionate about logo design. But we’re not just talking about logos and their designs. We’re talking about how they came to be, how they evolved, the very essecence of what they are. Okay, that was a bit much but this page dedicated to logo history and evolution is pretty neat. It even taught us a few things we didn’t know about logos (and that’s not much). The timeline starts just under 200 years ago in the Victorian era when art symbolism really started to evolve and ends with a deatiled prediction of what the future could possibly hold for logo design.

Well, that’s it for this weeks weekly web news round-up. We hope you enjoyed it!

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your web design or web development projects. Also, if you have found a story or want one of your stories featured in our future weekly round-ups please tweet us or send us a message on Linkedin. Happy designing!

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