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Web News Round Up (01-05 June)

By 3 June 2016No Comments

Another week passes another 3mil web news round-up summarises it. So what happened this week in the world of the web? Well, Google are thinking of updating their algorithm in a big way (cue manic SEO and digital marketing professionals scrambling to keep it together), we learnt some very important lessons about typography and SEO, we’ll tell you how to build your own professional WordPress plugins and much more. So, let’s get started.

1. Google mobilegeddon returns?!

web news google update

If you don’t know what the Google mobilegeddon update is we suggest you read up on it by looking at one of our web news round-ups fast. Why? Because it may be returning to release another brutal mobile update but this time it’s got nothing to do with whether or not you have a mobile site. It’s about how fast your mobile site can load. So if you haven’t got a lightning speed mobile website then you should probably kiss that number search engine ranking goodbye. But how can you improve your mobile website speed? You can always run your website through the Google PageSpeed insights tool.  It not only tells you how your site is performing in terms of speed, it also tells you what you can do to improve it.

2. Designing the best solutions.

web news designing to solve problems

We’ve always spoken about designing a website like solving a problem. More specifically we talk about how we design websites to solve our clients’ specific problems. Designing is not just mindless formatting with a few pretty pictures thrown in. It’s about knowing what you need your website to achieve for your business and your audience. Because if your website doesn’t solve any of your problems or drive your business forward what’s the point in having one? That’s where this handy step-by-step article by the web designer depot comes in. It shows the exact process and the exact questions that should be asked to come up with the perfect solution tailored to your clients’ businesses.

3. A lesson in typography and UX.

web news 10 ux type tips

We love typography and we love UX that’s why when we saw the two teaming up in this post we couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. These ten type rules for creating better user experience are simple but could make a whole world of difference to your website. We all know that by generating a more positive and satisfying user experience you can reap the future business benefits for years to come. Also, if you’re unsure as to what typography you should use, this article can help you out there too. From font sizes and line spacing to typography combinations and limitations this Designmodo article has you covered.

4. Lessons everyone should learn about SEO.

web news lessons on SEO

It’s quite fascinating how many people think and believe that SEO is a one-time job that takes a couple of hours and then the next day you’re at the top of Google for all of your keywords. Unfortunately, it can never work like that. There are no quick solutions or shortcuts when it comes to SEO. We know that SEO is a really complex topic with many different defining factors. However, you don’t have to make things too complicated on yourself. If you’re a beginner then you should probably start with reading through these lessons everyone should learn about SEO. It goes through the basics on competition, keywords and the struggles you may face in your climb to the search engine top spot.

5. Build a quality WordPress plugin from scratch.

web news wordpress plugins

We love a good WordPress plugin. Do you fancy yourself as a WordPress plugin developer? Or do you dream of plugins that nobody has made yet? What if we could tell you that you could create t yourself? Yep! That’s right, you can now create your own high functioning plugin to do exactly what you want it to do. Just follow this easy step-by-step guide on how to build professional, custom WordPress plugins from scratch. It covers all of the essential building steps as well as a few questions to get put your plugin plans off the ground. So go ahead, what are you waiting for?

That’s it for this week’s web news round-up. We’ll see you back here at the same time next week for more important web news.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your web design or web development projects. Also, if you have found a story or want one of your stories featured in our future weekly round-ups please tweet us or send us a message on Linkedin. Happy designing!

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