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Web Development Truths Vs. Lies

By 13 July 2016No Comments

Because we had such fun busting some web design lies in our last truths vs lies post we thought we would do another one. This time, though, it’s all about web development. Web development isn’t as talked about in the web world as design is. Perhaps because web development is more about what happens behind the scenes and not so much about what you see on the page. Well, with that said let’s get on with busting some web development lies and show you the real truth about what’s going on underneath your beautiful website. Here are our top web development truths vs lies.

1. All code is the same.

No, no and no. Website code isn’t like any other code. No code, whatever it is for, is never the same. Every single website on the internet, theoretically should have different sheets of code.  The different sheets may contain similar or some of the exact same syntax but that’s about it.  Code has to be different so that everything works properly and in conjunction with everything else. No web design should be exactly the same as another, right? The same principle applies to code. That’s why it’s important when dealing with code to understand what type of code it is and how it works. In short, if all code was the same then someone who knows the basics of software coding, would know the basics of website coding. But in truth, that’s not ever the case.

web development truths vs lies

2. Web developers just write code all day.

Being a web developer doesn’t consist of typing furiously all day. The lie “if you’re not typing you’re not working” couldn’t be more wrong. Being a web developer doesn’t just mean creating code it also means fixing code and improving it. Web developers have to be problem solvers as well as builders. It’s not enough just to write code. A good web developer needs to be able to think about everything the user could do to break a website and then put every bit of code in place that will prevent any of these actions from happening. They have to identify potential code vulnerabilities and put the right security in place too. I bet you wish it was just coding all day now.

web development truths vs lies

3. A web developer is like an IT repair man.

First of all that’s a pretty expensive IT repair man. And second of all like we mentioned before in our first point, web developers don’t deal with software code or hardware problems, just like an IT repair professional isn’t going to know how to fix a broken page on your website. Web developers know how to code websites and fix website functionality issues. Knowing all of the hardware components in your computer and how to fix them is not in their job description. These are two completely separate things.  So, sorry to break it to you, but web developers are definitely not who you want to be calling when you’re having a problem with your software or your hardware. Maybe you should just give that IT help centre a call instead?

web development truths vs lies

4. The best code is the most complicated.

How do you even define what the “best” and “worst” code is. Well it all comes down to how the code functions not about what it’s made of. So you could create the most complex code in the world and it could still not work properly. Just like you could create the most simplistic code in the world and it could still not work properly. As we said, it’s all about the end result. A good web developer doesn’t focus on making the code as complicated or simple as possible they just make sure that the code is going to work.

web development truths vs lies

5. The complexity of website code is directly proportional to to the complexity of the design.

Have you ever seen a really minimalist web design and thought that because it looks simple, the code is probably simple too. Don’t worry you’re not alone in thinking this. It is a very common misconception. However even a simple looking design can have a complicated code, because it’s not about how the website looks it’s about its functionality and how it works. Similarly a really complicated looking design could in actual fact have a rather simple code. Looks are definitely deceiving when it comes to web development. Just remember that coding is all about what happens behind the scenes, not about what you can see on the page.

web development truths vs lies

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As always, if you need any further assistance with any of your web development projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy developing!

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