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Five Web Design Trends That Drive Engagement

By 11 May 2016No Comments

We’ve spoken about web design trends that you should avoid but what about the ones we think you should embrace that could directly have a positive effect on the performance of your website? We’re talking about web design trends that drive engagement by encouraging click through rates, boosting conversions and lowering the dreaded bounce and exit rates.

1. Monochromatic colouring

Web Design Trends That Drive Engagement Monochromatic Design

The monochromatic web design trend is basically a website where the colour palette is predominantly designed from one colour in either darker or lighter shades. In the above case, the colours are white, grey and black. However, the element that has to be in place to increase the website’s engagement is the pop of colour coming from the CTA’s (calls-to-action). In this case, this is the bright green button in the bottom right-hand corner, the search button and the slider on the left. These all stand out against the otherwise neutral background. Additionally, notice how the only parts of this website that are the striking green colour are the parts you can actually interact with. It is this clever colour usage and background contrast that catches the users eye and encourages them to click. Simple yet effective.

2. Prioritised navigation

Web Design Trends That Drive Engagement Priority Navigation

Prioritised navigation is where you only show pages in your navigation bar that you think will be immediately of interest to your audience. You will still have those other pages on your website you just won’t be able to access them right away. As you can see above on Obama’s website there are only three options in the menu. Although the website has more pages than just three these are the three that the audience will be most interested in. Users who are presented with more options than necessary are ten times less likely to convert than those who are given fewer options. So whatever your business, keeping your navigation simple can lead to more engagement.

3. Card designs

Web Design Trends That Drive Engagement Card Design

We have spoken about card design before and reasons why it is one trend to watch this coming year. Its potential to drive more engagement is one of those reasons. The card design is laid out in, you guessed it, a series of cards. Think Pinterest or Dribble. This layout allows users to quickly identify what they want to look at via the conveniently displayed visuals. Not to mention this web design trend works well with responsive design, social media integration and micro-interactions, which all are proven to drive website engagement.

4. Micro-interactions

Web Design Trends That Drive Engagement Micro-Interactions

Another 3mil favourite, micro-interactions is an emerging web design trend that only just became popular when Google released its Material Design concept. Micro-interactions are small moments that accomplish one task and one task only. For instance, above on the right-hand screen you can see a red button with the plus symbol inside it, this it the subscribe button. Once you click it, you’ll be subscribed. However just including micro-interactions isn’t enough. You have to optimise them for engagement. You have to make them enjoyable and memorable. To do this you could change how the micro-interaction is triggered, whether or not it reoccurs even how long the interaction lasts for. Of course, this all depends on your own specific audience.

5. Responsive designs

Web Design Trends That Drive Engagement Responsive

One of our ultimately favourite web design related functionalities to talk about- responsive design. Responsive design, in short, is where a web design adapts to fit whatever screen it is being viewed on. We have spoken a bit more about why you need a responsive design before, but what about in terms of engagement? Well, for starters did you know that 46% of users won’t even view a static site on their portable device? Additionally, users are 75% more likely to return to your website again if it is responsive. To sum it up users are more likely to stay on your site and return to it if it is responsive. More users equal more chances for engagement.

That’s it for our top five web design trends that drive engagement. If this wasn’t enough for you feel free to read some of our favourite resources below:

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Of course, these web design trends that drive engagement are not guaranteed to boost your metrics, credibility and online reach over night. Increasing your website’s engagement starts off with a little research. What does your audience want or prefer? Tap into their mindset. As soon as you start structuring your website around what your audience wants the sooner you’ll see your metrics improve.

As always, if you need any further assistance with your web design projects please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy designing!

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