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Digital Marketing

The Beginners Digital Marketing Checklist for SMEs

By 28 February 2023No Comments
Digital Marketing

There is alot to consider when it comes to digital marketing and it can easily become overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a beginners digital marketing checklist for SMEs. In the checklist below you can see exactly what you need to get started when beginning your digital marketing journey. All of the items in the checklist are pretty easy to obtain and are great building blocks for SMEs looking to improve their digital marketing strategy. 


A fast, responsive website

A fast, responsive website is at the top of any beginners digital marketing checklist. A well-built website can really give you that head start when it comes to creating a solid digital marketing strategy. After all, your website will be the core of your digital marketing activities. It’ll be where you drive traffic to as well as where potential customers can contact you. Therefore it needs to be in top shape. Not only do fast, responsive websites provide an excellent customer experience, they also help you rank better in organic search results. Search engines love fast, clear and well maintained websites. So once you have it, make sure you stay on top of your website to reap the real digital marketing benefits in the future.  


Basic SEO implementation

SEO or search engine optimisation is a great way to attract users from search engines to your website. It helps capture users who perhaps haven’t heard of your business before but are searching for relevant products or services online. All SMEs with a website, will have the ability to do some simple SEO implementation. For starters, you ensure meta-descriptions, alt-tags and page copy contains relevant keywords and content. This can usually all be done through your SMEs CMS. However, if this is already a bit too much for you – you can always check out our SEO guide for SMEs.  


Social media presences

Every SME, no matter the industry, should have some sort of social media presence. Whether you’re using LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok – there are ways you can improve your digital marketing footprint with social channels. However, our biggest tip is consistency. Posting consistently will not only show your current followers you care, it’ll also attract new ones. Social media is fast-paced and everything needs to be relevant. So in order to stay relevant, you at least need to post frequently and consistently.  


We hope you enjoyed reading through our beginners digital marketing checklist for SMEs and got the inspiration you needed to start your digital marketing journey. If you need any further assistance with digital marketing, or other web based projects, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you and see what we can do to help! Until next time – happy marketing.