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How To Create Social Media Content That Your Audience Will Love

By 23 August 2018No Comments

Every brand that knows anything about digital marketing knows that being on social media is a must. We’ve previously spoken about the basics of social media marketing, social ads and even which social platform is best for you. But now we’re going to dive into some more detail. How do big brands and businesses create content that is interesting, well received and still encompassing their services or product? While you may think there is some sort of magic strategy or trick, great social media content actually just comes from a bit of hard work and research. So – how do you do it?

Create personas

Similarly to many other digital marketing channels – social media success comes from knowing your audience. So if you haven’t already you need to start making personas for ideal customers. For example, if you own a comic book store one of your personas could be a boy called Dominic. Dominic is 16 years old and lives with his parents and sister. He is obviously interested in comic books but he is also interested in movies, role playing video games and fantasy fiction books. As you can see, to really nail down your audience you don’t just need to know that they’re interested in your product or service. You also need to know what else they’re interested in and what they would typically be doing at certain times of day and days of the week. For instance, if you want to advertise an event you’re having at your comic book store this weekend – it wouldn’t make sense to advertise this on social media during the weekday. People like Dominic will be at school. You need to think about when and where they will be in order to coordinate your social media content for the best chances of success.

Test different media

Digital marketing is all about testing and social media content is no exception to this. Get creative with your content and try out different formats like images, videos, collages and articles. You’ll probably find that your audience will prefer certain formats over others. However what’s most important is that you not only test different media, you also need to test out different days of the week and the times of day that you post. Other things to test could also be within the social media content itself such as tone of voice, messaging, imagery and even music.

Analyse performance

Once you’ve tested out a few different types of media it’s time to start analysing your results. However, before you start analysing it’s important to give your posts at least a week from the time of publishing to start collecting data. Start off by taking a closer look at your top five posts. What made them so successful? Why did people interact with them? Think of what they have in common. This could be anything you have tried out in the testing phase. Write down or record all of the elements you think have influenced your audience to interact with this post.

Rinse and repeat

Now that you think you’ve found out what made some of your social media content so successful it’s now time to test out that theory. Apply these “successful” elements to future  posts, wait a week or so and then analyse the results from this. You’ll either find out you were right or wrong when you were analysing. If you were right – keep rinsing and repeating this process with new ideas until you have a wide range of different content you know your audience will love. If you’re wrong – don’t worry! Like we said, creating social media content that your audience will love is all about testing. Try out a few new techniques (there are hundreds) and you’ll be well on your way to nailing some amazing content.

So that’s how you can create amazing social media content that your audience will love. However, of course, remember that these are just general tips and that how you should utilise and market your business is very dependent on what industry you are in as well as your target audience.

As always, if you need any further assistance with any social media marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy marketing!

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