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How Membership Organisations Can Build Brand Awareness

By 23 November 2016No Comments

Building brand awareness is the backbone to any digital marketing plan. This is because getting your brand name out there is the key objective when it comes to marketing your business online. So why should it be any different for membership organisations? It’s a known fact that majority of membership organisations struggle when it comes to digital and thinking more like brands. So the question is how can membership organisations build brand awareness successfully just like other businesses do?

Use your community to your advantage

There is one thing that membership organisations will always have more so than any other business out there. That’s community. No matter what your membership organisations digital strategy is you will always have your community of loyal members. This is who you need to really boost your brand awareness. Members are brilliant at being brand advocates and sharing your organisation with the world as long as you create the best membership experience you can.

Utilise your USP

Think about what makes your membership organisation better than all the others out there. What makes your organisation stand out? What makes your organisation different? Once you’ve figured that out, use it in all of your online marketing. This not only spreads brand awareness but it also engages with new members. They’ll remember your organisation for being unique in whatever way it is, leaving them more inclined to sign up and add to your community.

Sponsor a meaningful event.

Another great way to get your organisations name out there is to sponsor an industry event that means a lot to you and your members. Not only does this physically get your name on something, it also shows off your organisation’s personality. Having a personality, just like having a unique selling point is a great way to attract new members and make your brand more likeably. Once you create a brand that connects with audiences more effectively, you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to spread brand awareness.

So those are all of our top lessons on raising brand awareness as a membership organisation. However, of course, remember that these are just general tips and that how you should utilise and market your organisation is very dependent on what industry you are in as well as your target audience.

As always, if you need any further assistance with any membership organisation projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy designing!

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