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How To Improve Membership Organisations UX

By 17 August 2016No Comments

Majority of membership organisations are always on the look out to improve their membership experience and engagement rates. In fact, 75% of membership organisations stated that they wanted to improve membership engagement rates this year. One sure way to do this is to tidy up your online membership experience and UX (user experience). By doing this you are simplifying the user journey and eventually shortening the path to more membership interactions and engagement. But how exactly do you do this?

1. Planning.

Before you start to perfect your membership organisations UX you have to ask yourself one question: why do you want to improve your membership organisations UX? We know that you want to improve membership engagement, but what sort of engagement? Do you want to increase membership sign-ups and renewals? Do you want your members to spend more time on your website? Share more of your articles? Interact with other members more? Attend more member events? To really perfect your membership organisations UX you have to home in on your goal. One specified goal is better than a dozen general ones. Once you’ve figured out what it is you are hoping to achieve, keep it at the forefront of your mind when moving forward with your UX improvements.

membership organisations ux planning

2. Easy navigation.

One of the top priorities when improving any form of UX is navigation. Can members navigate through your website with ease? Is there a definitive goal path? Can they reach everything they need without second guessing? If not, this is where you need to improve. Users shouldn’t have to think when they come to your website. The best user experiences are the ones that are not detected by the user because they’re that easy to navigate through. If you have no idea where to start when improving your navigation we suggest that you map out all of the possible user journeys. That sounds like a lot but when you have all of the navigation possibilities in front of you, you can eliminate the unnecessary ones. Once this is done you can further optimise your remaining navigation. We know this part can be pretty overwhelming so if you need a helping hand just drop us a quick email.

membership organisations ux easy navigation

3. Transparency.

Being as honest and as transparent as you can on your website is key when it comes to optimal UX. Don’t mislead users or present them with dishonest information. You will be found out and your engagement and interaction rates will suffer for it. Honesty is the best building block when it comes to developing relationships with your members. The more honest you make your relationship with members the more likely members are going to engage and interact with your website. Furthermore, adding on to the point about navigation, make sure that all of your pages and links are completely transparent, with no hidden redirects or sneaky code. Again, this is deceptive and once found out, very damaging to your UX.

membership organisations ux transparency and honesty

4. What the user wants.

Do you know what your users want? Similarly to the point we made about navigation, your members shouldn’t have to think when they are finding their way to their desired website location. If they want to view your latest articles, see the membership organisation calendar or interact with other members on the website, there should be a clear way of getting there. A membership website that has high engagement and interaction rates is a website that has clear navigation paths to what members want. A great way to discover what it is that your members want is sending out a members-only survey via email. Make an effort to get to know your members and only then will you really be able to perfect your UX. After all, UX is all about your members and what they want.

membership organisations ux what members want

If you enjoyed reading this and learning about how UX can improve your membership organisations engagement rates then we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading our research references too.

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As always if you’d like to know more about how we can help you and your membership organisation please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to lend you a helping hand.

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