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How to use Social Media Selling Tools as an SME

By 8 December 2022January 7th, 2023No Comments

Social media is a great tool for SMEs for many different reasons. Some of the biggest reasons are brand awareness, customer engagement and cultivating new customers. However, thanks to the continuing evolution of social media, you can now use it to increase your sales. Whilst we still firmly believe that social media is not a selling platform as such, there are still ways you can utilise it in order to encourage more sales actions. Many social platforms have different social media selling tools to help you do this. Below we have outlined just a few we think are a great starting point for SMEs.

Affiliation and Links

Affiliation and links can work as selling tools across the majority of social media platforms. It’s pretty easy to add a link to a post or have a direct selling link in a bio section of social profiles. Got a new product or service launching? Talk about it on social and add a link at the end for your followers to learn more. It really is that simple. However just because it is so easy to add links, this doesn’t mean that they should be in absolutely everything you post. Social media is not a hard selling tool, so sprinkle your “sales pitch” posts amongst your other content. 


Whilst you can apply links to Instagram through stories and bios, there are a few more specific shopping features we’d like to highlight. A great social media selling tool on Instagram is to use the shop network. As a SME you can add a post to the Instagram shop which includes various photos and some details about the item like price, material etc. It will also have a “view on website” button, which will lead the user to buy the listed product on your website.  All of this will appear in the shop tab of user’s Instagram feeds. Just make sure you optimise your listing with attractive imagery and accurate descriptions. 

In addition to the shop tab, you can also create shoppable image posts. This means that your shoppable image post will appear on user’s standard feeds. The shoppable post will have a link when clicked which will go through to the Instagram store. This is a great way to capture customer who are not actively using the shopping tab. 


In the last few years TikTok has blown up and so have its features. Recently TikTok launched the TikTok shop which allows users to link their videos to particular products. The best part about this feature is that users can add these products straight to a cart on the TikTok app itself. This means that users are less likely to abandon a purchase because they don’t have to go to another website, like on Instagram. Similarly like other social media channels you can also add your links to profiles and encourage your followers to click when posting videos. 

We hope you’re now ready to try out some social selling tools yourself and increase your sales. If you need any more assistance for any social media or other online marketing projects then please do not hesitate to contact us. Until then, happy marketing!