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How To Increase Your Marketing Email Open Rate

By 28 April 2021May 5th, 2021No Comments

There’s nothing worst than spending a great deal of your time and energy creating marketing emails to find out that they’re not even being opened by the intended recipients. You may start to think that you’re doing something drastically wrong – however sometimes the culprit usually is just a small detail you have overlooked. So, there is no need to fear – although your open rate may be well below average now – there is no reason why you cannot increase your marketing email open rate.


Craft a superb subject line

First things first – you need to ensure that your subject line is enticing enough to get people to open it. There is no use using “In July’s news….” or “Deals of the month…” etc. These are far too generic and far too predictable to grab users’ attention. Instead add some action to your subject line with phrases like “Learn how to…”. You could also personalise your subject lines more to increase your marketing email open rate with phrases like “A deal just for *insert name here*”. 


Try a few rounds of A / B tests

If you’re still not getting any results after trying out a few carefully crafted subject lines then why not try a round or two of A / B testing. Not only is A / B testing a great way to find which of your subject lines works best – it’s also great for gaging your audience and finding out what they like best in a subject line. A few subject line options to test could be: with or without emojis; with or without personalisation; money off or percentage off deals etc.  


Play around with different days of the week 

Sometimes it really is as simple as changing the day of the week that you send your marketing emails. For example, it is universally known in the marketing world to never send marketing emails on Mondays or on Fridays. This is generally because people are either getting ready for the week and tackling all the “more important” stuff or they are mentally already out of the office and in weekend mode. It’s important to note though that this is very dependent on your intended audience. For example, if you’re targeting university students and offering them a happy hour discount on Thursday, sending this on Monday would be fine. However, if you think that you’re sending your marketing mail on the perfect day and you’re still not getting a good open rate then keep on reading. 


Experiment with different times of the day

Similarly with days of the week you’ll find that the time of day that you send your mail can either make or break the open rate. For example, if you’re a stationery business targeting parents of primary school aged children – you do not want to send your mail during the school run in the morning or afternoon as they’ll be busy. Think carefully about your audience and what their typical daily schedule will be like – when do they have free time to check their mails? Is it the morning commute? Is it on the weekend? Or is it on their lunch break? Note these down and send out marketing mails during these time spans.    

We hope you enjoyed these simple tips on how to increase your marketing email open rate. If you need any further assistance concerning website or online marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us right here on our website. Until then, happy marketing!