How To Design A Successful Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are a large part of many business’ online marketing strategies – and so they should be! They’re a great way to  reach your current customers and potential ones whilst providing you with the opportunity to add a personal touch to communication. However – what makes an engaging and successful email newsletter? Well, we believe that there are alot of different elements that when combined make the perfect email but we like to think that design has alot to do with it too. That’s why we’re dedicating this entire post to show you how to design a successful email newsletter. 

Eye-catching CTAs

No matter what your email newsletter is about you need to have stand-out CTAs (calls-to-action). When thinking about what kind of CTA you want to include in your email you need to think about what you want your subscribers to do next. For example if you’re running an ecommerce business then you would want your subscribers to place an order. So, your CTA would be something like a grid of products with a “buy now” button under each one. However having a CTA isn’t enough – you need to make it stand out too. Opt for making the button a contrasting colour to the email background and perhaps make the button text bold. This will ensure that even if subscribers just skim your email, they’ll at least lay eyes on it. 

Captivating copy

Whilst your content does need to be good it’s equally as important for your copy to be laid out in an enticing way. Text that is clumped together in long paragraphs spanning the width of the email are an instant turn off. Instead try splitting your text up into smaller paragraphs and break them up with images, CTAs and dividers. You could even try splitting your email into columns and add your copy in a more appealing pattern. 

Creative compositions

Similarly to ensuring your copy is laid out in an aesthetic way, you also need to make sure all of the other elements look good together too. If you’re not sure where to start with compositions take a look at templates produced by email campaign providers such as Mailchimp or Hubspot for inspiration. You could also take a look at the emails in your inbox – we bet a fair amount of them are marketing emails anyway. Take note of how they use layers, shapes and texts in order to create beautiful designs. 

Consistent branding 

Branding is everything when it comes to any form of marketing and email marketing is no exception. Whenever you send out a newsletter make sure it’s consistent with your logo and brand colours. Nothing looks more pleasing to the eye than a well thought out colour palette and complimentary fonts. Make sure you carry these colour palettes and fonts throughout all of your newsletters. This will give your subscribers a sense of familiarity when they open your emails and makes your brand more memorable.  

We hope you enjoyed these quick and easy tips about how to design a successful email newsletter. If you need any further assistance any website or online marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us right here on our website. Until then, happy marketing!