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How to Decide on a CMS for your SME

By 9 February 2023February 23rd, 2023No Comments

A CMS (content management system) is a pretty integral part of any SMEs website. Not only does it allow you to easily manage and maintain your website, a CMS also provides security and extra functionality that may be more difficult to have on a self-built custom system. Currently there are endless CMS options to choose from and it can quickly become very overwhelming. So, how do you decide on a CMS for your SME? Well, we’ve broken it down into some simple questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on a CMS. 


What kind of support do you need from a CMS?

This is probably the most important thing to consider when deciding on a CMS. Think about what you need your website and CMS to do for your business. Are you looking to set up an ecommerce website? A membership/subscription website? A portfolio? Or just a showcase page? Depending on your answer, there will be a different amount of CMSs that will be appropriate for your business. Like most digital tools CMSs are all tailored and designed to address different website needs. Therefore, it’s important to talk through these different options and how they can help your business with a web professional. 


What kind of learning curve are you willing to tolerate? 

As we’ve already covered, CMSs are all different therefore they are all going to come along with different learning experiences. Some CMSs are built for users with less technical knowledge, whilst others will definitely need an experienced web developer to work correctly. So how much work are you willing to put in here and what do you already know about CMSs? A great CMS for users with limited knowledge is WordPress. WordPress is specifically designed to offer familiarity to otherwise website novices because it’s content section is made to look like Word. It has a pretty simple backend user interface too, making it a favourite here at 3mil.   


What kind of investment are you looking to make in a CMS?

It’s very obvious but different CMSs come along with different costs. Therefore it’s important when choosing a CMS to consider budget. Some CMSs may be free with extra costs attached whilst others may be subscription based. When looking through these options, it’s again important to consider what kind of support this CMS will give your SME and what you are getting for your money.  


We hope this has helped you decide on what CMS is best for your SME. If you have any more website management questions then please get in touch with us. We’d love to see how we can help. Until next time – happy marketing!