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How To Create Ecommerce Pages That Convert

By 27 October 2022November 2nd, 2022No Comments

When creating an ecommerce website there are many things to consider. However one aspect you’re probably going to be thinking the most about is how can I sell more? Whilst many elements on your website will work together in order to sell more, the page where you can actually purchase products is going to be carrying alot of the weight. So how do you create ecommerce pages that convert?


Clear CTAs

Call to actions are probably one of the most important elements on any website. They mark out actions for users to take and guide them through pathways to conversion. On ecommerce websites the most used CTAs are “buy now” or “add to cart” buttons. Make sure on every product page you include one of these. It’s even better if you make it sticky. This way no matter how far the user scrolls they’ll still be able to purchase the product with ease. We know it sounds obvious, but make your CTA eye-catching yet complimentary to your overall website design. It should be different enough to draw focus but not too different that it looks disassociated.   


Enticing visuals 

To create an ecommerce page that converts, you’ll need some enticing visuals. Again, this is pretty obvious but it’s actually a very common aspect that some businesses overlook or underestimate. Sometimes just having pictures of your product isn’t enough. You need to make it look exciting, show off it’s unique selling points and reflect your businesses’ personality. The best way to do this is usually to use images where your product is being used. When you’re shooting the image make sure your product is the focal point and stands out against any props or models you’re using. To pull it all together, ensure the colours you’re using in your photos match your brand identity. This creates a cohesive look across our website and product offerings whilst building familiarity with your brand. 


Converting copy 

We’ve talked about how to craft copy that converts on our blog before and we still think you can’t go wrong with keeping it simple. Limit copy to sentences that only bring the user value. Don’t waste precious website page space with flowery copy that waffles on and confuses the user. A great way to communicate the key benefits of your product is bullet points. List these next to your enticing visuals to really drive your USPs home. 


Building trust 

You could do all of the above perfectly but if you haven’t built trust with a user they are never going to become a customer. In order to create ecommerce pages that convert you need to build relationships with users and show them that your business can be trusted to deliver their orders. Instilling and building trust is often a long process. However there are a few website features you can implement in order to help this process move along. These are things like giving users the ability to review your products; listing a clear mode of communication for your business like telephone number, email address or physical address; showcasing relevant product certifications or awards; and even displaying a TrustPilot badge.    


We hope you enjoyed learning how to create ecommerce pages that convert and are now ready to create your own. If you have any other questions about ecommerce websites or any other web based projects please don’t hesistate to contact us. We’d love to help you out. Until next time, happy marketing!