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Digital Marketing

Five Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy

By 20 April 2016No Comments
Digital Marketing

We’ve spoken about all of the digital marketing statistics that everybody should know as well as why small businesses are naturally better at digital marketing. Quite frankly, we’ve been banging on about this digital marketing business a lot. But why? Why do we love digital marketing so much? And why do you even need a digital marketing strategy? Well, it can bring a huge wealth of benefits to your business- too many to even count. That’s why we have put together our top five reasons as to why you need a digital marketing strategy now.

1. It gives your business direction

One thing that a digital marketing strategy can give your business is direction, backed up by some hard-hitting statistics and facts. After implementing your campaign, you can see the direct outcomes and results via analytics and data, unlike traditional marketing where data can be harder to collect. This allows you to see what exactly went wrong or right. It also enables you to see where improvements may be needed. In short, digital marketing (when done correctly) can show you what your business’ next step should be and what results you can expect.

digital marketing direction

2. It teaches you about your audience

Many digital marketing analytics tools allow you to see who exactly is viewing your digital marketing campaigns and can give you some more information about them and how they interact with your online content. For example, Google Analytics can show you many different things about your audience from gender, age, location and even specific interests. This can help you tailor your campaigns more towards the interests of your customers and target specific audiences. It can also enable you to build a better customer profile that you can keep in mind when growing any other aspects of your business.

digital marketing learning audience

3. It’s affordable

Carrying out a successful digital strategy isn’t as expensive as you think. Unless you want to hire an expert or pay for online advertising, the majority of the tools you need are free. You can set up all of your social channels for free, monitor basic analytics for free and implement other digital marketing practices like SEO and content marketing for free. However, remember that the world of online marketing is always changing. So if you’re personally implementing all of your strategies make sure you’re using all of the latest practices. To stay up to date you can always follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn or if you want some heavier reading stay tuned into our blog.

digital marketing affordable

4. It’s the digital age

Almost everyone is getting online now and it is a known fact that advertising your business online will now get you more exposure than traditional advertising like flyers, posters and business cards. Therefore, you have to utilise the mass population on the internet with your own digital marketing campaigns to be able to reap the business benefits. More people equals more exposure. Which in the long run  could lead to a better business.

digital marketing digital age

5. It’ll make you more money

As explained above there are more people exposed to online marketing than traditional marketing so therefore you’re more than likely to get more online conversions which are hopefully going to make you more money. Additionally, digital marketing is more frequent and consistent thanks to cookies. So even if a customer doesn’t convert the first time, it is more likely that they will the second or third time they see your campaign.

make money

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As always if you need any help with any digital projects please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll see if we can lend a helping hand. Happy marketing!

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