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Explosive Web Design Trends

By 2 November 2016No Comments

Remember, remember the fifth of November. In the spirit of Bonfire night, we thought we would share with you this year’s most explosive web design trends and how designers alike used them to make their designs go from bland to brilliant.

1. Mirco interactions

Micro-interactions have perhaps been the most explosive web design trend this year, with thousands of websites, including social media giant Facebook, jumping on the bandwagon. Due to mobile design becoming more relevant with every passing day, micro interactions have been the design trend to go to. They help create engagement, without the user even thinking about it, ensuring a great user experience. They not only promote engagement they can strengthen your brand identity and create a familiarity throughout your website.

explosive web design trends micro interactions

2. Storytelling

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool to engage audiences and encourage interactions. Using storytelling in your web design is no different. There are many different ways to do this, you can either create a single page website with a long scroll that takes user down the page whilst they learn more about your brand. A clever way to do this would be to subtly take them through a sales like funnel; firstly talk about who your brand are, show them your products with add to cart buttons then show them the checkout. Or another alternative that works quite well is taking them on a journey through them clicking or engaging with certain elements of your site (micro interactions perhaps) which then takes them through a story.

explosive web design trends story telling

3. Illustrations

Illustrations quickly add a splash of personality to a web page. Quirkier than a stock image or icon they have become a more popular alternative when it comes to imagery. Illustrations appeal more to the user’s imagination and can help establish a stronger customer/company relationship. Another benefit of illustrations is that they are generally cheaper than having your own photoshoot with a professional photographer. Additionally, if you’re creating the illustration yourself, this gives you complete freedom in the sense that it can be whatever you want therefore can fit perfectly into your web design.

explosive web design trends illustrations

So that’s it for our explosive web design trends. Of course, remember that these are just general tips and that how you should design your website is very dependent on what industry you are in as well as your target audience.

As always, if you need any further assistance with any of your web development or web design projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy designing!

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