Infographic Resources Infographic

It’s no secret that we love infographics. So why not make an infographic about infographics? Well, more so, what resources you can use to create your own. It can be pretty overwhelming when you have a brilliant idea but just don’t know where to start. There are so many infographic resources out there it becomes confusing. That is why we have put together this handy infographic about all best the resources you need to create an awesome infographic.

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Typography Matches Made In Heaven Infographic

We haven’t created an infographic since last year so when our how typography affects web design article proved popular we couldn’t resist making a typography infographic. In the spirit of valentines day, which is coming up this weekend, we decided to hunt down the best font pairings and combinations around. So without further delay let us take you through the best typography matches that were made in web design heaven…

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Content Marketing Infographic

So, we are back yet again with another infographic. This time, it’s about content marketing and what users prefer when it comes to website copy. But why is this so important? Well, your website users are one of the most important factors when it comes to your website being “good” or “bad”. What is the point in having a website if users don’t like it, therefore, don’t visit it? Read more

Responsive Web Design Infographic

We just couldn’t resist making a responsive web design infographic. So, we all know by now that responsive design is the best way to go. It adapts to whatever device it is on, it loads faster, it increases engagement, it is better for SEO and it is user-friendly. But what has made the responsive design so important in the first place? To show you we’ve put a handy little responsive web design infographic together to show you why responsive design is relevant in terms of our browsing habits.

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The History of Web Design Infographic

Here at 3mil we will use any excuse to make a web design infographic. This year the internet is celebrating its 26th birthday and in true web designer fashion we decided to create an infographic on how far web design has come throughout the years. From humble text only beginnings to the complex parallax designs there are today.

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