The Best Festive Marketing Ads of 2017

We think we can all agree that the holiday season is in full swing and we’ve been celebrating here on the 3mil blog with a tonne of festive inspired posts. And as this is our last post of the year we thought we’d tie it all up with a round-up of our favourite festive marketing ads of the year. Let’s face it, although at any time of the year, we find adverts annoying and intrusive, there’s something about Christmas ads that bring us joy.


#GetMoreOutOfGiving. The Very ad this year, dare we say it, stole a bit of John Lewis’ thunder. The ad emcompasses everything we love about a good Christmas ad – heartfelt generosity, thoughtfulness, adventure and of course a happy ending. That’s why it’s at the top of our favourite ads this year.

Marks & Spencer

#LoveTheBear. First of all, the combination of Paddington bear and Christmas just gives us all kinds of festive feelings. By channeling a familiar childhood character Marks & Spencer successfully connect with the consumer and give them a warm fuzzy feeling inside. The perfect feeling of Christmas!


#ShowThemYouKnowThem. By bringing together family and the gift of giving Boots really hit the nail on the head with this emotional advert. Teaming up everyday life with a beautiful soundtrack really allows the true meaning of Christmas to shine through.


#TisTheReasonToBeJolly. Taking viral videos from social media and placing your product in them is nothing but a stroke of genius. By using videos the public are already familiar with and enjoy watching Iceland have created a effective but also fun ad.

So those are our favourite festive ads for Christmas 2017! Which was your favourite?

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12 Fun Ways SMEs Can Spread Festive Cheer This Year

Can you believe that it is almost the end of 2017? We can’t! However we can believe that it’s nearly time to hang out those stockings, bake those mince pies and of course spend all of your time with those you love. But as an SME, it’s also just as important to remember your customers and audience at this time of year. The Christmas period is a great time to show you customers new and old just how much you appreciate them. Now we’re not talking about showering them with gifts or sending a cliche card. We’re thinking more than that – be creative and you’re sure to leave a lasting festive mark in your customer’s memories.

1. Run a Christmas giveaway.

2. Put a moving snowflake background on your website.

3. Create content around the holidays.

4. Decorate your social media with festive cover photos and profile images.

5. Run a fun Christmas poll either online or in person.

6. Use holiday hashtags on social media.

7. Decorate your store.

8. Donate to a charity on your customers behalves.

9. Host a community Christmas event.

10. Sponsor a community Christmas event.

11. Hold a customer Christmas jumper contest.

12. Send out handwritten cards.

Hopefully one of these ideas gave you some inspiration about what you can do for your customers if you’re SME who is not sure how to spread those festive vibes over the Christmas period. As always if you want to talk to us about any Christmas marketing campaigns just get in touch! Until then, merry Christmas and merry marketing!

Three Festive Marketing Ideas For Local SMEs

It’s officially the end of November and that means it’s the start of the festive holiday season. So get ready for an influx of promotions, marketing campaigns and seasons greetings from businesses in your local area. As an SME it’s important that you too use the holidays to engage with potential customers and spread general festive cheer. It’s pretty overwhelming how many ways in which you can do this. However, we think the best ways are often the most simple.

Create an exclusive holiday promotion

This is an obvious one. The holidays are always going to be that time of year when people are looking for a deal. It’s an expensive time of year for most. So any financial relief you can provide over the holidays to potential customers is a huge selling point. For instance, if you own a local gift shop perhaps create a bundle of seasons greetings card, wrapping paper and ribbons for 30% off the original price. It’s important to remember that these sorts of promotions should be well thought out and not just the mindless “buy one get one free”. This usually isn’t as useful as buying a assortment of items that hold several purposes.

Create a holidays mini-series

Festive holiday content is a great way to show that your SME cares about the holidays and that it also cares about helping its customers at this time of year. Depending on what sort of marketing your business carries out you could create a series of blog posts, videos, podcasts or infographics that carry the holiday theme throughout. However ensure that the festive flare of your content doesn’t distract your audience from the key messages your business is trying to communicate through its marketing. For example, if you own a boutique you could create a series of blog posts focusing on fashion around the holidays. Some blog titles could be “essential pieces for the snowy seasons”, “the perfect Christmas party dress”, “what to wear on Christmas day”.

Spread festive cheer amongst the local community

It’s actually a lot easier than you think to get involved with your local community through marketing, especially around the holidays. Luckily, around this time of the year many other local SMEs are trying to do the same thing too. So why not reach out to a complimentary business to work with you on a festive promotion or a mini series like we explained above? After all, two heads are better than one and customers prefer a package offer to a single solution one. For instance, if you owned a hairdressing salon, you may want to team up with a spa to create a Christmas party ready package or you could even interview each other about festive beauty tips to create a series of articles.

So those are our top tips for getting into the festive spirit through marketing as an SME. Of course, remember that these are just general tips and that how you should use marketing strategies is very dependent on what industry you are in as well as your target audience.

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Why Local Business Collaboration Is Beneficial To SMEs

It’s no surprise that there is a lot of competition amongst local SMEs. However instead of being competitive with one another what if you collaborated? SMEs that compliment each other can actually bring mutual benefit through marketing and business leads. But how exactly do you benefit from local business collaboration?

What local businesses should you collaborate with?

The first rule here is that you want to work with businesses that compliment your service or product in some sort of way. For instance, if you run a wedding photography business, you probably want to collaborate with some local wedding venues like a hotel. By doing this you and your chosen local partner can offer customers a package deal. This can be more convenient for the customer as they’re getting the full end-to-end solution all in one place. However if your service or product is more niche and it’s harder to find complementary businesses, you can always try to find one that could provide an “add-on” service or product. For example, if you sell web hosting, you may want to think about collaborating with a web design and development business.

How should you collaborate?

A while ago we spoke about collaborating with local influencers through online and offline marketing. The methods for how to collaborate with influencers is very similar to how you would work with other local businesses. However always ensure that when working with other SME’s your services complement one another and don’t compete. As we’ve explained above try and create an end-to-end solution for your customers together, or partner with a few “add-on” services. Don’t just lump your services or products together though. Make sure that they are linked together in a carefully researched and well thought out way to benefit the customer. After all collaborations that bring no value to the end user are fruitless.

How does local business collaboration benefit your marketing?

When you collaborate with other SMEs it not only give them access to your loyal customers, it also gives you access to theirs. Expanding your business’ reach gives you the opportunity to engage with an audience you may not have touched base with before. This racks up your marketing circulation but also gives you some valuable insight into how this new audience works. By carefully studying how this new pool of potential customers react to your business can help you adapt it to appeal to more people. Applying this new found knowledge to future campaigns can help you reach even more people in more relevant ways – creating more successful marketing campaigns.

How does local business collaboration bring in more business?

This one is a bit more obvious when you think about the answer to the previous question. A larger reach statistically increases the amount of business leads you could receive. Additionally after you’ve acquired a substantial amount of research on those that are in your now larger reach, you will be able to cater campaigns to their requirements. Like we said before, this will enable you to make more successful marketing campaigns which will eventually bring in new business.

So that’s why as an SME you should collaborate with other local businesses. Of course, remember that these are just general tips and that how you should use marketing strategies is very dependent on what industry you are in as well as your target audience.

As always, if you need any further assistance with any of your marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy marketing!