3mil Team Building Glass Blowing Workshop Results

3mil team

Finally after our 3mil team day out, the results are in… Insert dramatic music here. We’re just kidding, but it was pretty exciting when our handmade glass objects arrived at the office inside a box big enough to fit one of us in! We couldn’t wait to see the array of colours, shapes and textures of all of our very different *ahem* masterpieces we made on our 3mil team day out.

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Team Building and Glass Blowing


We were very lucky to attend an afternoon of team building at a glass-blowing workshop with Adam Aaronson in his studio in West Horsley, Surrey. We had a fun-filled afternoon making an array of fantastical objects including bird paperweights, tumblers and Christmas decorations. Throughout the day, we snapped a few photos of us all attempting to create some *ahem* beautiful glass objects. Enjoy our photo diary.

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