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Businesses In Wimbledon That Are Rocking Social Media

By 30 November 2016No Comments

We love being based in Wimbledon with it’s bustling high street, spectacular shops and of course all of the unique, businesses that really give a our community a real buzz. So, here at 3mil we thought it was about time that we congratulated some of our fellow businesses who are rocking social media like true digital marketing gurus. Carry on reading to see if you made the list!

Lu-Ma Cafe

Although many people may think it’s easy for eateries to gain a large following on social media, it’s actually a lot more difficult than you think. The social media matrix is oversaturated with foodie bloggers, healthy holistics and organic oreo milkshakes. However, our local Lu-Ma Cafe has still managed to stand out on both Twitter and Instagram. They’re raking in the followers, receiving some top notch engagement and of course posting some really high quality content. We really love their Instagram account, be warned though, it could make you have some serious food envy!


Elys Department Store

Elys has stood in Wimbledon high street for more than 100 years so it’s no wonder that they’re a dab hand at this marketing malarky! They have some great metrics across the social media board. But what we love best about Elys’ social media marketing is how they engage with their community, especially on Twitter. They’re always at the ready to respond to customer queries, retweet your snaps you take in store and of course share an offer or two with us loyal followers!


Patrick Steel Photography

The more we look at Patrick Steel’s Instagram the more we question our own. This social media strategy is all about the content and how it is presented. Great attention to detail and a sprinkling of creativity really makes this particular Instagram stand out amongst the competition, which is really important in an aesthetically driven industry like photography and film. We love the professional and structured way in which the content is laid out, it reinforces an already strong brand image.   mr-steel-photography-wimbledon

Of course we would like to add that we think all of our local businesses are great and if you haven’t already you need to start doing a little following spree across the social media board.

As always, if you need any help with your own social media or other web based projects please don’t hesitate to contact us directly or send us a tweet! Until next time, happy marketing!

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