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Beautifully Designed Websites of February

By 1 March 2016July 24th, 2020No Comments

February has brought us many great things including essential software updates, interesting industry studies and intriguing web projects. But what about some good old fashioned web design inspiration? You’ve seen the web sites that we were loving in January and now we’ve found some new ones for February. Get prepared to be inspired with this month’s beautifully designed websites.

1. Concrete LCDA

beautifully designed websites no 1

This website is everything we seem to love lately; beautiful use of white space and an easy, clutter-free minimal design. The images are chosen well for the purpose and the typography matches the look and feel perfectly. An easy user experience is created through the simplistic menu and call-to-actions are kept inside clean geometric shapes. Simple, purposeful bliss.

2. A short journey

beautifully designed websites no 2

This is a perfect example of how you can take users on a journey. The user interface is in the form of a drag and drop motion to take you to the next stage of your story. Making your way through beautiful illustrative graphics with warm colour palettes you can enjoy the simplicity of the idea of a short journey. Complete with smooth animations this website design is simple, fun and easy!

3. Onirim

beautifully designed websites no 3

Another web design with good use of white space and a minimalist design however with the additional use of bolder typography and with a video placed on each page. This design gives off the feeling of luxury and modernity. The easy to navigate menu can be found in the prime place of the top right-hand corner. Leaving the page blank and replacing text with videos makes the content easier for users to consume resulting in an optimised user experience. Bravo!

4. Social wars

website no 4

How could we not include this? This Star Wars inspired design is just too great to pass up! In a true far, far away galaxy fashion the web design is decked out in the iconic colour palette and typeface. Additionally subtle mechanic animations run throughout the website with geometric shapes and patterns. The menu is compiled by the round circle in the middle which takes you on a journey reminiscent of the franchise’s various X-wings.  This is the web design you’ve been looking for.

5. Codeology

website no 5

What looks like an artful graphics web design is actually several groupings of moving code. This concept inspired by the open source platform GitHub is an interesting mix and match of code, graphics and colour. The menu is kept simple so as not to distract you from the main attraction; the code.

Thanks for reading about our favourite web designs of February. We’ll see you next month for more beautifully designed websites!

Remember, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding web design or web development. We’d be happy to lend you a helping hand. Also, if you have a web design you would like us to feature in next month’s beautifully designed websites you can tweet us or send us a message on LinkedIn or Facebook. Happy designing!


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