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12 Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

By 10 January 2018No Comments
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With the beginning of January in full swing, we can’t help but get excited for what’s to come in 2018, not just for us but for the world of web too! That’s why to kick off this new year we’re going to talking about some digital marketing trends to keep your eye on this year. Not just because we think they’re going to be big but also because some of them are pretty easy and fun to carry out. There’s a trend in this article for every day of the year so what are you waiting for? Let’s talk trends.

Content is still king!

Content has had a hell of a run over the last few years and we’re happy to say that its reign isn’t over yet. People of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes from all over the world consume vast amounts of content every single day. No wonder it’s still at the top of our list of digital marketing trends. And we’re not just talking about good old fashioned blog posts (although they are still pretty neat!). We’re talking about infographics, original photography, animated videos, vlogs, interviews – anything you can think of. Already, 2018 has proven itself to be reif with content competition so to stay ahead of the game focus on a few things – make it emotive, engaging, market it in the right place and be responsive to feedback, criticism and comments.

Website experience and CRO

You may think that this would come under web design, but in our books all web design is a form of digital marketing. That’s why the second digital marketing trend on our list is all about utilising user experience and conversion rate optimisation. To hop on this trend all you need to do is make sure that you website is in an easy navigable state with their required information just a click away. Employ a simple, slick menu with minimal pages; CTAs that are clean and draw attention; and a easy to follow layout.

Internet of things applications

The internet of things or IoT, is something that has been shaking up the digital world for quite sometime. However we think that this is finally the year where we’ll be able to experience it with our digital marketing. Throughout 2018, digital marketing could be able to pop up on your TV, fridge, freezer and even oven! Yes, there are even some ovens that connect to the internet now – making the IoT family even bigger. While you’ll probably need a coding wiz or technical mind to actually carry out marketing through some of these devices we think in the future it is only going to become easier.

Marketing automation

Automatic doors, automatic out of office emails, and automatic social media scheduling. Let’s face it automation can pretty much make any task even easier. So why not automate your digital marketing? Some of you probably already this. As we said you can already easily carry this trend through social media scheduling. However have you ever thought of automating other marketing tasks like monthly KPI reports from Google Analytics, marketing mails that can be triggered by a users action or even CRM system reports. Trust us when we say this is one trend that’s going to make your everyday marketing tasks a walk in the park.


This was a trend that was on our radar last year. Everyone knows that personalisation is the key to gaining more exposure and engagement. Audiences, no matter who they are, are more interested in content and campaigns that they can already relate to or resonate with. For example, sending a marketing email with the subject line “Happy Birthday Sally” instead of “It’s Your Birthday!” will probably receive a better reception. People want to feel important and they want to feel acknowledged instead of being another customer number in your book of invoices. To really reap the benefits of personalised marketing try out more targeted campaigns on social media, use personal fields in emails and create personalised dynamic search ads in Google Adwords.

Mobile marketing

More and more people are using their mobiles and other mobile devices everyday to consumer information. Therefore ensuring that your marketing campaigns fit in with this statistic is more important than ever. The number one rule for tis digital marketing trend is to make all of your campaigns and marketing responsive. This enables your work to be viewed across an array of devices – the content on the page will just adapt to the size of the users screen. However you have to research carefully into which marketing platforms enable responsive formats and what that platform’s guidelines for best practices are. For instance, in Google Adwords you can create search ads that appear only on mobile devices, whereas when you create a banner ad for a news site you have to make sure your banner complies with the news site’s responsive requirements.

Influencer marketing

Teaming up with a influencer in your sector is a great way to gain more online exposure, positive PR, and brand awareness. Not to mention, through influencer marketing, you could also establish an effective and long-lasting business relationship. Luckily for you we recently created a small article on how you can approach influencer marketing and make the most of it.

Wearables applications

Did you know that by 2020, at least 20% of the UK population will have some sort of wearable technology, whether it’s a smart watch, fit bit, or snapchat sunglasses. Therefore it’s no wonder that applications for wearable tech is in our list of digital marketing trends for 2018. Similar to the IoT applications trend, you are going to need to be quite knowledgeable on how these different wearable devices work and how you can make you application marketing campaign compatible with them. However, if you’ve not got the knowledge but have some spare budget to spend on someone who has, then invest. This is one trend that’s going to be on the up and up in years to come.

Big data

Whatever part of digital marketing interests you, we can guarantee that you’ve probably spent at least a small amount of time analysing data. Data, especially large quantities of accurate data can really provide you with some valuable insights as to what’s going well and what isn’t in your marketing. If you’re a beginner, try getting to grips with Google Analytics, built in social media dashboards and MailChimp reports. You can even take some courses in these different softwares to brush up on your data analysis game.

Video marketing

We’ve already said content is king however, video is quickly becoming everyone’s favourite type of content to consume. Bt if you really want to rock this digital marketing trend this year avoid boring, slow explantation videos and replace them with shorter, snappier ones. If you think your industry isn’t “glamorous” or “entertaining” enough to create a video about then try and think outside of the box. Try shooting some behind the scenes clips about how you run your business, create a live Q and A session, or even film a fun “challenge” type video if it’s relevant to your business.

Social media ads

Social media ads have been around for a while now, but if you haven’t already, bite the bullet and set up your first paid for social media campaign this year. Not only do they provide a great return on investment (if carried out in accordance to best practices), they are also a great building block to jump into the world of online advertising if you’re yet to explore it. They’re really easy to set-up, monitor and evaluate. Some social media platforms even do all of the data collecting on your campaigns for you and suggest improvements and provide insights to educate you on how to get the most for your money.

Virtual and augmented reality

Another technical one, that unfortunately you have to have some knowledge and training on before you can get started. Both virtual and augmented reality are taking the marketing world by storm. In the last few years this kind of technology has been made readily available to the public through smart phones, headsets, PCs and gaming consoles.  Although it’s not quite the norm yet, we’re sure this year and in a few years time you’re going to be seeing and experiencing more of it.

So those are just a few digital marketing trends to kick start your 2018. However, of course, remember that these are just general tips and that how you should utilise and market your business is very dependent on what industry you are in as well as your target audience.

As always, if you need any further assistance with any online marketing then please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy marketing!

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